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July 2024
Neue Medien Agentur Kai Suzuki GmbH
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As a fullservice-company for the ITK-branch we are panning, designing and realising communication in new and conventional medias.

Beside to corporate-identity and corporate-design programming of internet portals and - presentation with link to special communicationsolutions like Blackberry™ and CronJobs for automatical customer care are counted among to our wide-range business activities. So we attach importance to the possibility for advancement of the hole project.

Opening gratulation from Mr. Rolf Zeitler
On 11th of October 2007 Mr. Rolf Zeitler the governing mayor of Unterschleißheim was personally in IAZ Kaufland to inspect the new store. "This new store is specialized for communication and computer technology. For Unterschleißheim this is an enrichment." Mr.Rolf Zeitler said.

New opening party in IAZ Kaufland Unteschleißheim
The neue Medien Agentur Kai Suzuki GmbH opens its first shop for customer and self-employed. The managing director Kai Suzuki said: "The position of this shop has strategical decision. In Unterschleißheim there is no possibility to get Computer technology together with telecommunication from one hand.".
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